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21 Apr 2001, 2:40 pm
This is late in posting, since I've been checking the details for a little while, but ZSNES has released their source under the GNU General Public License. This is unbelievably cool news, as it looks like there's going to be a Linux port very soon, and an overall code cleanup in the process. Beaujolais! It seems they have their act together and are doing everything right. This is one to keep an eye on.

5 Dec 2000, 10:40 am
The M.A.M.E. folks seem to have updated their license arrangements, and I've updated the license page to point to the new one. It's buried in the documentation, but it's really not hard to find at all.

28 Oct 2000, 12:15 am
Another article has been put up, this one somewhat different from the other two. It describes my recent musings about console gaming, a passion of mine, so be sure to read it and tell me your thoughts on the idea.

16 Jul 2000, 12:30 am
I've completely rewritten The Cure and put up a rough draft for everyone to see. This will most likely go through a number of revisions, but for now have a look and let me know what you think.

17 Mar 2000, 11:55 pm
I just added an NES emulator to the licenses list, although I can scarcely say it has a license. It fakes it enough to provide restrictions, though. Anyway, have yourself a look and see what you think of it.
Also, I discovered that the link to M.A.M.E.'s license had broken and fixed it. All they did was add the "l" onto "htm". Very irritating.

20 Jan 2000, 11:10 pm
Just got the first licenses up in what I hope to be a fast-growing new section. As before the crash, I hope to have the licenses to most major emulators up here in some form or another. With any luck, I may eventually have to divide this up into sections, but for now there are only two licenses.

11 Jan 2000, 5:40 pm
Well, I just got the first part formatted properly again, and it's up. Again, I'm not sure how old this version is, but it's likely to be quite recent (update-wise, anyway).
Now we'll see if I can get Part 2 up anytime soon.

11 Jan 2000, 1:15 am
Oh, wow. I found a copy of Part 1, and will probably revise it and put it up as soon as I have time (probably later today). I also found one or two textfiles I used to have up, so they'll make a reappearance soon, as well.

What a relief.

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